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Zephyr Live is our newest endeavor, designed to bring our recording services to the creatives we love.

After years of shooting concerts, theater, and other live events, we realized that we could offer our skills as filmmakers to record the live performances of our favorite artists. We want to take our Zephyr style and capture your live event within your budget. Whatever you pick, you'll get a cinematic, stylized look at your performance that will stand out on all of your platforms.

Our perspective: It's your performance. You deserve better than an Iphone.

The Teaser

Custom designed for your Insta. We know that you want to post your latest show, and you want to do it ASAP. We'll cut quick 15-40 second videos that will blow away anything you usually see in your feed.

The Single

Maybe you've got a few songs that are finding traction, but you don't have the cash yet to shoot a music video. Here, we'll fully shoot a song with an expanded kit that will prove why this is your next hit.

-- Includes all features of Teaser package

The Doc

Maybe you're playing your dream venue. Maybe it's the last show of the tour. For whatever reason, you want to remember this night. Top to bottom, pre and post show, captured with our premium rental package. Trust us -- this is going to be dope.

- Includes all features of Teaser and Single package